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Cold 1/? Monaboyd
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robingurl wrote in engscotsluv
Title: Cold
Author: Yves
Slash: Yes...or "could just be really good friends."
Pairing: Monaboyd
Rating: G-PG?
Notes: First time writing Monaboyd, might be a bit off in place.
Summary: Most of you will know the anecdote about Billy getting so cold in Moria that he couldn't feel his feet. I took that idea and ran with it.
More Notes:..*waves* Hi ya! XD It's me, RG!! XD I got Yves to write Monaboyd. She usually writes CATS RPS (the Musical..XD) Jacob Brent/John Partridge, but I somehow talked her into writing a monaboyd one. Besure to tell her if you like it or not (we *really* have to get her more into this fandom. Teh Monaboyd RPS Community can *not* possibly live without her Hurt/Comfort! XD
Hosting: Sure. Tell Where
Feedback: Yes!
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Everyone was freezing down in on the set, but the hobbits, being small guys, had it worst of all. They didn't even have shoes, just clammy latex hobbit feet to protect their feet from the icy air and stone.

Between takes, things fell into their usual pattern. The Men watched in amusement as the hobbits paired off. Elijah curled up against Sean Astin's bigger and warmer body, Billy curled up against Dom being fed coffee from a thermos.

Billy felt the cold worse than any of them. He was too skinny to conserve heat properly. Dom rubbed his arms and back to get some warmth into him, throwing in a bit of tickling to take his mind off the situation.

Billy shrieked like a girl and wriggled in Dom's arms, nearly spilling the flask of coffee.

But his giggling subsided faster than usual, leaving a very forlorn little face. He was dead pale under his makeup, and his lips were turning blue.

He was shivering violently. Dom hugged him tighter, as if he could squeeze the shivering out of him.

"Not very weather-resistant for a Scot, are you?" he said teasingly into Billy's hair.

"Dommie, I don't know what you may have heard, but we Scots don't live *in the bloody negative degree weather*. If I don't get out of here soon me feet'll fall off."

Dom peered at Billy's hobbit feet. They seemed to be stuk on all right. "What, your real feet?"

"Yeah, me real feet. Might have fallen off already, actually .. I can't even feel 'em."

"Pippin..." Dom said in his 'Merry' voice. "Not good..."

Billy instinctively curled closer at the sound of that voice.

"Not good, says Merry, Not good. There speaks my brilliant cousin." Billy's face fell again. "Dommie, they're numb but they hurt and it's freaking me out... can you no do something?"

"Not a lot with those bloody things on you." Dom disentangled himself from the clinging and shivering Billy and pulled the wet, dirty hobbit feet onto his lap. He heard distinct and slightly mocking 'aww's from some of the crew.

Dom wrapped his hands around them, hoping some warmth could get to Billy's feet through the ice-cold layer of latex. The soles were all cut up from the sharp rocks. He could have hurt himself and not even felt it.

"Gaah. I wish I could just rub them."

"No, Peter'll go mental...."

"Can you feel this at all, Bills?"

"Not a thing."

Dom bent his head and breathed warm air on them. Billy watched him blankly for a minute, hugging himself because he had nobody to keep the top half of his body warm now. Then a tiny smile wavered on his bluish lips. "I feel that..."

Dom smiled and kept breathing softly on Billy's feet, shielding them with his hands to get as much warm air on them as possible.

There were some definite crowd noises going on around them. Even Sean was watching with interest over Elijah's head, while Elijah was pouting and trying to get some of the same treatment from him.

"Ok, you can come back an' warm up the other end of me now... " Billy's teeth chattered as he spoke.

Dom frowned. He really needed to warm up the whole hobbit at once. Awkwardly, he managed to pull the whole shivering, skinny bundle of Billy into his arms, so that the feet were nestled warmly in his lap.

"I told you," said Viggo Mortensen to Orlando Bloom, jerking a thumb at the pair of them. "That is a hobbit. No grown man could fold up into something that tiny."

Billy heard and giggled weakly in Dom's arms.

"On your feet, please! Let's break up the hobbit cuddle party!" called Peter.

Billy groaned as Dom tenderly helped him to stand. All Dom wanted in the world at that moment was to get his Pippin home and warm and let him rest.

Billy couldn't walk that well on his numb feet any more, but he was trying his best. Once the cameras started rolling, the Pippin act fell seamlessly into place, and Billy's occasional stumblings looked perfectly in character. He could be really professional when he had to be.

It was Dom who kept ruining the shots by breaking position to catch Billy when he looked like falling, or being caught by the camera wearing an expression of anxious love when he was supposed to be looking terrified. Every time it happened he wanted to bang his head against the rocks. The last thing Billy needed was extra takes.

Every time the cameras stopped, Billy would just fall to the ground where he was. Not even sit, just crumple to the ground. Most times Dom's arms were already there to catch him.

When the call "That's a wrap!" finally went up, Dom ran over to Billy, caught the slight weight of him in his arms and lifted him up. He didn't want him to walk another step on those feet. Billy subsided gratefully into his embrace.

"How are you doing, Pips?" whispered Dom.

"I'm dead, Merry. I'm now dead and you're talking to my ghost."

"Poor Pips. You'll come back to life again once we get some beer inside you."

Somebody with a deep voice started humming "Here Comes the Bride" as Dom carried Billy towards the trailers. Several more voices joined in until there was quite a chorus following them. Billy pulled a face and hid in Dom's shoulder, but Dom just beamed with pride as if it was some sort of special honour.

The makeup girls looked as if it made their night to see them come into the trailer like that. "Careful, ladies," said Dom as he set Billy down in a chair to have his feet taken off. "We've got a dead hobbit here. By his own admission."

"I am, I am dead," said Billy. His Scottish accent had grown stronger during the night, so that it came out as, "Ah am, ah am deid..." The girls laughed and one of them ruffled his hair. Dom only just stopped himself from swatting the hand away. That kind of thing was *his* job.

Dom watched sideways from his own makeup chair as the latex was peeled away from Billy's feet. The small feet were as white as wax and the nails looked blue. Dom had been dying to rub them all evening, and he had to stop himself from flinging himself down there and doing it on the spot.

Billy, huddled in his chair and hugging himself to keep warm, stared at his own feet disconsolately. "Doooom... is that as scary as it looks?"

"You'll be all right, Bills. Just stick them in hot water."

Dom hoped he was sounding more cheerful than he felt. Even if those feet did thaw out properly, it was going to hurt Billy like hell, and he'd already been through so much today.

The makeup girl finished with Dom's feet just as her colleague came up with a bowl of steaming water for Billy. Dom jumped up, trailing crumbs of latex. "Allow me." He took the bowl from the makeup girl and knelt down with it at Billy's feet. "All right, this might hurt a bit."

Billy nodded. He was just glad to have Dom taking care of him instead of some random girl. Didn't mind that much if it hurt, as long as it was Dom hurting him.

Dom took hold of one of the little feet. It was as cold as marble. He rubbed it and breathed on it before carefully wrapping his hands around it and lifting it into the water. He took his hands away slowly, so that the hot water wouldn't rush in all at once and shock Billy.

"That burns!" Billy jerked his foot out of the water.

"Hey, don't complain, at least you felt it." Dom's hands wrapped firmly around Billy's ankle, pulled the foot back down and held it there while Billy writhed and swore.

When he seemed to be coping all right with the heat on that foot, Dom introduced the other one, provoking another outburst. He held both Billy's skinny ankles until he quieted and Dom could trust him to keep his feet in there by himself. He stayed kneeling there and rubbed the feet gently under the water, watching them turn slowly pink and then red.

"Dom... they're hurting worse..,"

Dom looked up at Billy's face and saw that he was blinking away tears.

"It's all right, Pips. Perfectly normal. Just keep cooking them for a bit. They're bound to be sore when they thaw out."

Billy made a tragicomic face and his lip wobbled. "Ow.. fuck...this is worse than when you pulled that fuckin' tape off me chest!"

"Pull yourself together, Boyd. You're a big boy now."

"Don't give me that. You'd be screamin'."

"Oh, obviously, because I'm *far* more likely to scream than you." Dom put his hands in the hot water and started rubbing Billy's feet. "Like that time the firework went off -"

He could feel the throbbing in Billy's small feet as he held and rubbed them.

He knew, though - this wasn't something that they'd ever talk about, but he knew that if the smile fell off *his* face, Billy might break down. So he kept teasing and joking about nothing as he tried to soothe the poor feet with his touch. They were very red and starting to swell. It was going to hurt Billy to walk on them for a while.

Billy was blinking away tears so fast his eyes were fluttering, and he was biting his lip. Really biting it. "Don't spoil yer pretty face, Bills! " said Dom.

Instead of laughing at that comment, Billy just stared down at Dom with brimming green eyes, his lip still caught between his teeth.

"All right, all right. I think you've had enough torture for now." Dom turned to one of the makeup girls, who was tittering with her friend, probably over the implications of 'enough torture *for now*'. "Nurse," he said imperiously, "towel!"

The giggling girl handed him a fluffy towel, which had been white at the start of the shoot. Dom spread out the towel in his lap and lifted one of Billy's tender feet out of the water, laid it in his lap and wrapped the towel around it, and started gently patting it dry. It looked even worse out of the water, painfully red and swollen. There were little cuts and scrapes where Billy had trodden on stones and not felt it. He'd be feeling it now all right.

"Ouch," said Dom. "You need to put something on those."

"Don't bother... I just want to get home."

As gently as possible, Dom got both the hurt feet dry, lifted them off his lap and set them on the floor. Billy was so small and so bunched up with cold that only his toes quite touched the floor. His legs were trembling.

"Come on, let's get you up, then." Dom pulled Billy's arm over his shoulders, wrapped an arm round Billy's waist and lifted him up. He gritted his teeth in sympathy as he let Billy's weight down onto those painful feet.

Billy gasped and his knees almost gave way. He clung onto Dom. "It hurts..."

"That bad?" Dom frowned and started to let him back down into the chair.

"It better not be that bad… we've got to film tomorrow. No, let me stand. I can..."

Billy almost cried out again as he took his full weight on his feet. The pressure on them must have been unbearable. He just stood for a second, wobbling and holding tightly onto Dom, trying to control his shaky breathing and gathering his strength for the next stage. "Bills, you should sit down."

"No -" Billy took a deep breath. "Perfectly alright. Got to find me socks."

He grimaced as he took a hesitant step forward. Dom went with him, supporting him. He heard Billy stifle a sob as he put his foot down.

"That's enough now, Pippin," Dom's 'Merry' voice was coming out again. "Come on, be sensible. Sit down and let Merry find out where you threw your socks this morning."

"No need -" Billy pushed away from Dom and stood wavering on his own. He pushed his knuckles into his mouth and bit down hard as the pain took hold worse than before. He tottered forward a couple of steps, nearly blind with tears.


And Billy collapsed.

Dom didn't reach him in time to stop him hitting the hard floor and adding a few bruises to his injuries for the night.

He flung himself down on the floor beside Billy, grabbed his bitten hand and held it while Billy just sobbed.

"Shh," he soothed. He wrapped an arm round Billy's head and pulled it to his chest. "Merry'll sort you out. Don't worry."

"It hurts-"

"Don't worry, Pip. Worst that can happen is a nice holiday with your feet up for a couple of days and me running round like your manservant taking care of you. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?"

Billy managed a watery Pippin smile for a second before it turned back into a grimace of pain. "No -"


Billy let Dom find his socks and shoes for him, but that was all. He wouldn't accept any more help. He put them on himself, painfully slowly, his hands shaking and clumsy with the cold. Dom turned away so he could cry without being watched.

When he was dressed, Dom tried to pick him up again and carry him, but Billy wriggled out of his arms. "Give us a break. I'm thirty-three years old, Dom, I've got me dignity to think of."

Dom frowned and sighed. "Just take my arm, then. I'm sure your dignity can stand that much."

"Oh aye... I think it can." Billy gripped Dom's arm so tightly it hurt, and levered himself to his feet. "Fuck!" he gasped, staggering and clinging tighter. "Okay, the shoes don't help...don't help at all...Jesus, this fuckin' hurts..."

"Don't want to change your mind? Go on... you can't turn down the chance to be carried by Dominic Monaghan." Dom winked, and prayed that Billy would give in.

"I bloody can...ow!" Billy's voice cracked and went high as he tried to walk.

"Pips, you don't understand. This -" he dipped and caught hold of Billy's legs without warning - "*is an offer you can't refuse*." And he swept Billy off his feet and into his arms.

Billy's infamous girlish squeak came out at full volume. "Put me down, ye big -"


"Eh.. nothing..." Billy checked around to see if anyone was watching. All the bystanders pretended to be studiously interested in other things.

Billy sighed and let his head sink exhaustedly onto Dom's shoulder. "Go on then. But if this gets out you're a dead man, you hear?"

"Mm-hmmm." Dom didn't take much notice, just hugged Billy tighter, feeling his damp curls tickling his chin, and started for home.

Back in the flat they shared, Dom laid the still-shivering Billy down on the bed. Billy immediately curled up on his side for warmth.

Dom frowned. He shouldn't still be shaking this much.

He reached down, brushed aside some wispy curls and felt Billy's forehead. It was damp and burning hot.

"Oh dear," he frowned, stroking the hot head. "I think Pippin's not too well."

"Nobody'd be too bloody well after that, Dom." Billy coughed, then pulled a face as if it hurt him.

"No, really, I think... I think *really* not too well. You've got a high fever. Need to be tucked up in bed."

Dom smiled and sat down on the bed beside Billy, put a hand on his legs and stroked down slowly to his hurt feet. Billy made a little 'mmm' noise and allowed Dom to take both feet carefully in his lap and start easing the shoes off. Dom handled him as gently as possible, but it still hurt. Billy grimaced and clutched the blankets in his fists as he tried not to cry.

When Dom finally got both shoes off, Billy flopped face down, exhausted with the pain. Dom kissed his feet and put a pillow under them to make them comfortable. Then he shook out the crumpled heap of blankets and tucked them warmly around and over Billy. He smoothed them down so that no cold air could get in.

He'd read somewhere that with a fever, you needed to keep the patient's body warm and their head cool. And give them lots of fluids, that was it. He ruffled Billy's hair and headed over to the wash basin in the corner. He soaked a flannel in cold water for Billy's head, and filled a glass for him to drink.

"Drink up, Pips."

"Gerroff..." Billy groaned and turned away.

Dom held his head up, helped him to drink, then let the feverish head sink back again onto the pillows.

He stroked the cold cloth across Billy's brow and his delicate temples, dabbed very softly at the closed eyelids to cool the pain behind the eyes, then folded the cloth and laid it on his forehead as a compress.

"Mmm... 's good," sighed Billy quietly, his dignity forgotten.


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